4th Annual Nonprofit OpCon

New York Nonprofit Media

Date: Jun 13th

On Wednesday June 13th, New York Nonprofit Media will host Nonprofit OpCon bringing together top-level Board Members, Executive Directors and Chief Financial Officers from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to streamline operations processes and make smart choices that effect the day to day and year to year of nonprofit institutions.

8:40 am The Importance of Leadership in Assessing your Nonprofit’s Health
9:30 am Streamlining Processes, Operations, Finances & Investments through Strategy
11:20 am Integrating the right technology needed to take your operations to the next level
12:10 pm Real Estate: Trends in Nonprofit Office Space
12:50 pm Special Presentation
1:30 pm Networking Luncheon
2:20 pm How to create and manage your relationship with the healthcare system
3:30 pm Human Resource Challenges and Importance of Good Governance
4:20 pm Nonprofit Efficiency: Managing Risk, Overhead and Failure

View full list of speakers and panelists on website.

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