ArtViews 2018: Involving/Evolving Audiences

American Federation of Arts

Date: Apr 16th

ArtViews is a series of panel discussions that addresses critical issues impacting museums.

Art museums are constantly striving to engage their audiences in innovative and impactful ways to make their collections and exhibitions relevant and vibrant. Over the past several years, museum professionals have developed new programs and approaches to gallery interpretation, while meeting the challenges of expanding the diversity and size of audiences, and even dealing with the pressure to increase revenue through programming. This ArtViews will bring together a panel of museum leaders, including educators, curators, and directors to discuss current strategies in museum programming and gallery interpretation, that address the goals of deeper audience engagement, racial equity and sustainability.

Deborah Schwartz, President, Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY

Gretchen Dietrich, Executive Director, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, UT

Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Frederick P. and Sandra P. Rose Chairman of Education, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Rand Suffolk, Nancy and Holcombe T. Green, Jr. Director, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

Sonnet Takahisa, Deputy Director of Education, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

The AFA is grateful for the support of:

Association of Art Museum Directors

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