The End of Juvenile Injustice: Building on Success

OrangeU Going?

Date: Oct 25th

Join OrangeU Going? for it’s inaugural event - The End of Juvenile Injustice: Building on Success. This event empowers Aspirationals - passionate New York young professionals who want to make their marks and improve their communities - by offering an overview of Juvenile Justice in New York, an expert discussion on solutions that work, actionable ways to get involved, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded New Yorkers.

Neuroscience research has proven that the adolescent brain does not fully develop until age 25, yet the New York justice system systematically tries youth in adult courts rather than offer rehabilitation for youths and their families. The impacts are catastrophic. Youth prosecuted in adult courts and housed with adult prisoners face the highest risk of sexual assault and are more likely to commit suicide and be attacked. These youth suffer the life-long impacts of imprisonment (often for non-violent offenses), such as barriers to education, employment, and housing, as well as mental trauma. Juvenile imprisonment negatively impacts society as a whole by creating an unsafe environment through increased recidivism, furthering socio-economic and racial divides, and decreasing productive citizenship.

October 2018 marks the first implementation date of New York’s recently passed Raise the Age legislation, which legislates that 16 and 17-year-olds will no longer be automatically tried in adult court. However, this is just the beginning of fixing a decades-old, broken youth incarceration system.

OrangeU Going? offers attendees a unique event experience by providing attendees a thoughtful program, the opportunity to meet fellow passionate, successful professionals, and actionable ways to get involved and learn more.

The State of Juvenile Justice: First, we ensure all attendees – from novice to expert – get an overview of the issue. A juvenile justice, research-focused nonprofit presents on the State of Juvenile Justice in New York, offering a snapshot of the issues and statistics plaguing our system

Data-Informed Solutions for Success: Attendees then hear from expert panelists in nonprofit, data, education and business on the role of data in juvenile justice, with a specific focus on evidence based programs which demonstrate reliable and consistently positive changes through rigorous data collection and study. Panelists outline how these programs lead to long-term educational and employment success

Systemic Change Through Policy: Policy-informed experts in government, nonprofit and business discuss what resources are necessary to adequately implement the Raise the Age policy and additional policies needed at the state and city level.

OrangeU Going? believes that who’s in the room is just as important as who’s on the panel – so we help jumpstart your networking before the event. Each attendee is asked to share opt-in inf

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