Big Meeting of Gays Against Guns

Gays Against Guns

Date: Aug 16th

GAG BIG MEETINGs occur every two weeks on Thursdays. And we need you! (Yes You!) Seriously, we need you and your GVP activism.

We have so many fabulous actions...and plans...and events on the calendar just because our wonderful members decided to attend a Big Meeting and share their ideas. Then faster than you can say "glitter bomb!", people gathered into dazzling teams during one of those meetings, and started making plans for the following actions:

- Pride in every borough and also in New Jersey
- An elections-related trip to the Hudson region
- A gun show protest
- A trip to Fire Island
- Bedazzle and spray paint parties
- and more, and more, and more...

You're reading this because you're smart and creative, you enjoy humor, and you especially care about gun violence tragedies.

Help us make the world a better place. Join this group of passionate, dedicated, and fun people. See you soon!


PS - There's almost always candy too! (No,, real candy. Really.)

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