The Future of Work And Communication

Work Awesome Group LLC

Date: Dec 06th

Join us at WORK AWESOME & INBOX AWESOME 2018 in New York City – the double-conference that empowers you fore the future of work!

After sold-out editions between New York and Berlin, Work Awesome and Inbox Awesome are joining forces to get you ready for the future of work. Join us for a stellar day and connect with 350+ executives, innovators and creators in the heart of New York City!

The Work Awesome Stage is for discussing how to future-proof yourself, your team and your organization:

Automated Reality

How Do We Deal With A.I. Slowly Taking Over Human Work – And What It Means For Politics, Society and The Economy

The Future of HR

How To Find, Develop And Keep The Employees You Need – And How To Become Useful To Them

Diversity vs. Honesty

Why Most Companies Fail at Building a Diverse Organization – And How To Do It Right

The Art of Gathering

Most of Our Meetings Suck. Why That's a Problem, And How We Get Back To Meaningful, Engaging Gatherings

How to Create a Learning Culture
What Exactly Is a Learning Culture, How Do You Build One, And Why It Helps You To Outperform Your Competitors

Next Gen Leadership

Demands And Expectations At The Workplace Are Changing Dramatically. How Organizations Can Adapt To Stay Successful?

Culture Wars

How Startups And Corporates Can Build Relationships And Actually Work Together

We’re Moving!

As We Re-Organize Work Fundamentally, How Does The Office And The City Of The Future Have To Look Like?

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