Cooper: Service Design Immersive NYC

Cooper Professional Education

Date: Nov 08th

Service Design Immersive
Strengthen relationships with customers across every interaction, digital and beyond.
Great service experiences involve elegant orchestration of all the moments customers engage with your company, whether they are visiting a physical space, attending an event, calling an 800 number, or receiving an SMS alert. In this workshop, get acquainted with tools that will help you see your customer’s entire journey with your service clearly, identify ways to make it more seamless and delightful, and unite your organization in delivering on this vision.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

Zoom out from individual touchpoints to outline and map the customer journey

Identify opportunities for your service to evolve and grow

Understand the internal implications for changing the customer experience

Design a service that mixes digital and non-digital interactions

Rally your team around the future vision of your service

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