Communicate with Confidence & Clarity

LDI Sponsored by FEB NYC

Date: Nov 08th

You’ve proven your competence and your value. So why aren’t you getting your point across? Look around you. The true leaders in your organization are the people who share a particular skill: the ability to communicate effectively. Regardless of upbringing, education, and talent. Extraordinary leaders share the same quality: superior communication skills. Through observation, trial and error, or schooling from mentors, extraordinary leaders have mastered the art of "connecting" with people in ways that almost always yield positive results.

This Success Series Seminar focuses on analyzing barriers that inhibit the communication process. If you're committed to enhancing this skill, then this seminar is designed for you!

Learn to build rapport and establish credibility
Be someone others can trust and will follow
Identify common communication barriers
Eliminate destructive responses
Understand how personality styles affect communication
Learn to reduce contempt in your arguments
What to do when communication goes wrong
mprove your listening skills-increase your influence
Improve relationships

Ten steps for speaking clearly and assertively
How to keep the defensive walls down
Eight speech habits to avoid
A 3 step apologies that keeps lines of communication open
How to transform arguments into discussions
First impressions ARE lasting impressions
The differences between ACTIVE listening and simply hearing what others have to say
Learn the language of success
Conduct meeting that get results

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