Unfortunately, Ready to Wear

Milk Gallery and NRDC

Date: Feb 11th

A changing climate isn’t a future problem - it’s ours, right now. “Unfortunately, Ready to Wear” is the joint effort of Milk and Luka Sabbat: building a movement of environmental action and empowering the next generation. In partnership with NRDC, we’re demanding a sustainable tomorrow by illustrating five threats to our environment & health with a future facing concept collection.

The “Unfortunately, Ready to Wear” is a concept collection of innovative and futuristic fashion essentials designed to adapt to the current climate change threats. This four piece collection will include prototypes that address five pressing issues related to climate change: extreme storms, heat waves, air pollution, infectious diseases, and environmental refugees.

The “Unfortunately, Ready to Wear” exhibit will provide education about climate change for a modern audience. Each product vignette will feature a merchandised display, a close-up look at the product materials and the process behind its development, and photography by Noah Dillon. In addition to the product vignettes, the exhibit will feature projection art and a final moment for reflection and action, where visitors can learn more about the issues and how to take action with NRDC to combat them.

Join us Feb 10th - Feb 14th at the Milk Gallery!

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