Young Lawyers After Dark

UJA-Federation of New York

Date: Feb 12th

UJA has the best night on tap: an open bar, snacks, and music — and a room filled with New York's top young attorneys.

Young Lawyers After Dark will directly follow the Lawyers Division Annual Event Honoring Jay P. Lefkowitz and Jillian E. Merns.

Tickets are required for this event. Purchase your tickets here:

Charge: Tickets are $100 per person. Firms or groups purchasing a $1,000 package receive 12 reservations and recognition at the event. $50 of your contribution per person ($600 per package) — the value of the event — is not tax-deductible.

After Dark Chairs:
Gabriel Gershowitz, Jamie Greenfield, and Meigan P. Serle

After Dark Vice Chairs:
Beth Brownstein and Alexandra Leavy

After Dark Host Committee: Danielle B. Abada, Rachel Agress, Samantha Anderson, Sipoura Barzideh, Alexander Chester, Lindsay Danas Cohen, Abe Einhorn, Joshua Eisenson, Remi Forster, Lee Jason Goldberg, Ryan Greenwald, Pamela Grutman, Allison Klein, Aaron M. Levine, Meredith Levy, Andrew Lichtman, Melanie Miller, Shayna Philips, Corey Rosenholtz, Kenneth D. Sommer, Daniel Steinberg, and Sarah Sternlieb

Young Lawyers Executive Committee: Kate Klausner, Irina Kobylevsky, Adam Kravitz, Noah Liben, Jillian E. Merns, and Sabrina Ursaner

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