Smash the Wall! (With Beauty, Love and Honesty)

International Human Rights Art Festival & New Sanctuary Coalition

Date: Mar 18th

The International Human Rights Art Festival, in conjunction with the New Sanctuary Coalition and Immigrant Families Together, presents an evening of music, film, theatre and discussion in service to smashing the wall within! After all, all walls built in the world represent walls that exist in our psyche -- and we will melt, break, dismantle and (yes!) smash these walls within through beauty, sincerity, vulnerability and engagement with artists and our partners!

The evening will comprise:

Introductions to our two partners working in the field, New Sanctuary Coalition and Immigrant Families working together

A Short Film about the work of New Sanctuary Coalition, and the vital work they do to stop the inhumane system of deportations and detentions in this country

"Hondruas," an excerpt of a new one-woman play by Sara Farrington, performed by Valeria Avina, about women who have crossed the border in the weeks of the zero-tolerance policy, each of who are now living in the US awaiting a court date,

Luis D'Elias and New Caracas presents music about the immigrant's experience from the point of view of a Venezuelan band

A talk-back with a recent immigrant, awaiting legal resolution, who is being helped by the New Sanctuary Coalition

Plus a special pre-show introduction to our healing energy by Jester-of-the-peace Barbara Ann Michaels!

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