Empathy and Experience Design Workshop (NYC)

Odyssey Works

Date: Mar 18th

Question: What is the one key to really great design? What is required for us to understand each other better? Work together better?

A product or live performance, organizational structure or digital interface -- everything we design succeeds or fails in the experience of the user. To create with meaning is to do so with empathy.

In this workshop we will jump into experience design, focusing on developing a special understanding of your audience. Using Odyssey Works’ singular interview process, we will explore developing a space of curiosity and intimacy with your audience in order to have the deepest possible impact. Workshop will be led by Workshop Facilitator Kelsey Crouch and Odyssey Works Director Abraham Burickson.

Workshop attendees both create and receive a bespoke experience.

- How to practice empathy as the springboard for strong design
- The art of asking powerful questions to open dialogue with your audience
- Odyssey Works' singular interview process
- Designing for impact

The New York Times:
"The idea is a beautiful inefficiency: a tiny but infinitely more affected audience."

"Says Ayden LeRoux, Assistant Artistic Director, 'Between all of our participants, what we see as the most marked transformation, beyond any sort of specific narrative in their lives, is the way that their attention to the world changes afterward.'"

"The overwhelming amount of information about the participant that the team has access to, coupled with the seemingly endless number of outlets through which to deliver their performance, means that each Odyssey is part months-long surprise birthday party, part love letter written in every conceivable language—and all just for you..."

Odyssey Works leads this workshop and bespoke design workshops for corporate teams. Email workshops@odysseyworks.org to learn more.

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