Arts & Activism: A Conversation with Professor Joe Salvatore

St. John's Lutheran Church

Date: Mar 18th

A Conversation With: Joe Salvatore, Playwright, Professor and Director
About this Event
Please join us for a conversation between Joe Salvatore and Rev. Dr Katrina Foster on art as activism.

About Joe: Joe is a playwright, director and professor. His work includes off broadway productions, serial comedies, and many writing and directing credits in the theater world.

This Conversation With talk is part six of our six part speaker series intersecting the viewpoints between communities of faith and secular activism, our similarities, differences, and how we may be able to work together on a variety of social justice issues affecting us today.

Each Conversation With begins at 7:30 PM For the first hour, you will be experiencing a conversation between Rev. Dr. Katrina Foster, pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, and our evening's speakers, followed by 30 minutes of audience-based Q&A topics curated and moderated by the emcee.

For more information or for questions regarding this event, please email us at

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