Computational Storage -- Managing and securing hyperscale genomics data

MOAD Computer

Date: Mar 18th

Hyperscale data is the next evolution of big data. With the massive increase in data generated in fields such as healthcare; securely storing the data and performing meaningful analytics have become a serious issue. Computational storage aims to solve this problem with a ridiculously simple approach: treat storage as a smart, computationally independent unit.

Computational storage is the notion of a traditional storage unit, paired with a general purpose CPU core. The goal is to perform most of the storage related tasks onto these brilliant smart storage units. Computational storage is an important piece of technology to enable hyperscale data analytics.

Computational storage brings incredible performance acceleration for storage bound tasks such as search, indexing and analyzing feature vectors such as those associated with genomics data.

The discussions during this event will be around: 1) the basics of computational storage, 2) write applications to leverage computational storage and 3) use cases that perform the best when optimized for infrastructure that leverages computational storage.

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