Night to Reunite


Date: Mar 19th

Join us for a fantastic party at Kickstarter Headquarters to help reunite families separated at the border.
About this Event
We, the New York food community, are throwing a party to raise money for families separated at the border.

We will use our skills and resources to help raise funds for the Florence Project, an organization dedicated to reuniting families.

Come join us and REUNITE! There will be amazing food. There will be oysters. There will be roasted pigs.

Many times in the last few years we’ve been appalled and felt that we needed to help, and few things are as shocking to us as the treatment of immigrants and refugees at our southern border and this administration’s inhumane policy of forced family separation.

We ourselves are immigrants, children of immigrants, and work daily with immigrants in our kitchens, after all. We want to do something.

So, we will do what we do best: Throw a party with food, drinks, and entertainment. Join us Tuesday March 19th at Kickstarter headquarters, for a fun food-raiser with lots an lots of vendors giving out food and drinks. There will be music. There will be food. There will be drinks. There will be roasted pigs.

Many vendors have already signed on, award-winning D’Abruzzo will be there, handing out their famous lamb skewers ( We’re adding more every day. DM us if you want to participate!

It’s also Liza de Guia’s opening party for season 5 of her show food.curated. ( And many of her featured food artisans will be there too. Plus, it’s Kickstarter Headquarters! How cool is that?

All - and we mean absolutely all of the money will go to the Florence Project (, an organization dedicated to helping immigrants and reuniting families. Check them out.

The reason we can say everything is going to them–the Eventbrite account is theirs–is because all the vendors are DONATING their goods and services. Pretty cool!

So join us for a fun night, come hang out after hours at Kickstarter, eat some great food, listen to DJ spin music, get some drinks and REUNITE.

And share, share, share this with all your friends. Let’s blow the roof off Kickstarter and do some good.

Tickets are only $60. Tuesday March 19th at 7pm.

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