Menu Psychology: The Foundation of Customer Experience

Clicksuasion Labs

Date: Apr 15th

A critical element of the customer experience is the menu. There's far more to a menu than meets the eye; it's the key to establishing and sustaining the brand affirmation and equity. Winning over a customer rests on meeting--or better yet--exceeding their expectations based on the menu and delighting them to the degree that you win their loyalty.

The researchers at Clicksuasion Labs have applied psychology to more than 100 menus. The Lab's researchers use eye-tracking research, pricing data, perception research, heat mapping, and fingerprint technology to understand how customers engage with menus. The Lab will share how consumers think, engage and decide.

During the interactive menu experience, you will explore menus and product lists from an array of industries, learn how to design persuasive menus and apply behavioral science to the overall, dynamic customer experience.

Learn how to evaluate a menu and understand the psychology behind the layout, language, pricing, and design. This learning experience is designed for organizations that display a list of services, which could be chalkboard, paper, website, visual monitor or a traditional foodservice menu.


- Understand how to evaluate consumer behavior and human decision-making
- Understand the psychology behind the layout, language, pricing, and design of menus
- Apply psychology to future menu designs, layouts, and formats.


Michael Barbera is an award-winning consumer psychologist and business strategist. Michael is the chief behavioral officer at Clicksuasion Labs, and his clients have appeared on the Fortune 500 list, as well as on ABC’s Shark Tank, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Michael is a trusted thought leader and expert in consumer perceptions, emotions, and experiences that drive consumer decision-making both online and in person. His practice areas include social psychology, brand management, marketing, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and long-term business growth strategies. In 2015, the White House recognized Michael for his contributions to entrepreneurship. He shares his evidence-based insights and experiences as a celebrated keynote speaker, dynamic TEDx presenter, published academic researcher, and host of the thoughtfully curated Clicksuasion podcast. More than 100,000 people have seen Michael speak on four continents, and he has also earned more than 250,000 views online.

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