Vulnerable AF

Vulnerable AF and Lightning Society

Date: Apr 17th

Let's skip the small talk and get VULNERABLE AF.

Are you over having surface level conversations? Do you desire a deeper and more meaningful connection with others? If you'd rather have straight talk instead of small talk, discuss real life topics in an authentic way, build trust through authentic relating exercises with an incredible community - please join us!

Taboos? Not here.

We'll be guided through intimate and meaningful conversations in a safe container. Free from bias with emphasize on inclusivitiy. There's a place for everyone in our living room.

Topics include: communication, sex, family, open relationships, one night stands, monogamy, personal growth etc. (Topics are welcomed!)

Everyone is welcomed. Bring your authenticity, sense of humor and your willingness to share it in a spirit of open mindedness.

If you come with an open mind - I promise you will leave with a new friend.

Before you attend, please read over the CORE VALUES:

1. Be vulnerable: share what feels right - there are no right answers.

2. Be authentic: you can show up just as you are.

3. Don't ask what someone does for work.

4. Listen.

5) Connect with someone new
6. Put your phone away and be present.

Cost: $15 ( Light snacks and refreshments will be provided)
Early Bird: $10

*No one will be turned down for lack of funds*

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