First Step to Starting a Business

NYC Department of Small Business Services

Date: May 15th

First Step to Starting a Business

Opening a business in New York City can seem daunting at the start. Many entrepreneurial New Yorkers ask: where do I begin?

The goal of this course is to help you understand what starting a NYC business requires, and to define your own expectations for life as a business owner.

Total course hours: 1 Session/2.5 HRS.

During this course, you will:

Understand the traits of successful entrepreneurs
Assess yourself for these traits, and create a self-improvement plan
Define your motivations to become a business owner
Understand the expectations of NYC business owners, and define your own expectations
Create an action plan to challenge your expectations, and take the next step towards owning your own business

This course is the first module in the NYC Department of Small Business Services' (SBS) five-course Introduction to Entrepreneurship series. It is followed by the second module, "Creating a Business Idea that Works."

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