Brooklyn Tech Week, Inc.

Date: May 15th

Organizers: PNG Venture and THEDEx
The State of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm


The Blockchain Crypto Summit is where industry experts converge to educate, inform and build consensus throughout the community. It’s an opportunity for startups and established companies to seek out new opportunities and meaningful connections.


Jeffrey Wernick began trading options and futures while attending the University of Chicago. He worked at Salomon Brothers before becoming the youngest senior officer at The National Bank of Detroit. Jeffrey later founded AVI Portfolio Services Company, Inc. which he sold in 1984 to the largest insurance company in diversified financial interests. Today, Mr. Wernick is an independent investor whose portfolio includes early holdings in Uber, Airbnb and bitcoin. Jeffrey started mining bitcoin in 2009, the year it was created.

Serge Milman, Managing Partner at Starta Ventures LP
Starta Ventures LP, seed stage VC fund with a focus on AI, ML and blockchain technologies. Serge Milman is a New York City-based entrepreneur, founder, and venture investor. He has more than 15 years of experience in portfolio management, equities/options, and derivatives trading, startup investing and real estate investing. As managing partner at Starta Ventures, he focuses on bringing seed to series A round Eastern European tech startups to North America.

Serge Milman is the Co-founder and COO of Myriad Capital Partners LP, a fundamentals-driven digital asset fund. Prior to joining Starta, Milman founded Ronin Asset Management LLC, a proprietary trading firm, and Dellwood Capital Partners LP, a privately managed hedge fund with a niche focus on tech, telecom and media investing.

VICTOR T. SAMUEL, Founder, Managing Direct NV Global Ventures
Blockchain and Crypto Regulation, AML, Regulatory Risk Assessment and Management Professional Experience.

Victor Samuel has over 20 years of regulatory and executive management experience gained in senior compliance and operational roles with leading financial services companies and global consultancies. Victor is experienced in managing and leading complex AML and regulatory engagements and building out compliance management systems for financial institutions. His experience includes representing his client’s interests with the various regulators, including the state banking authorities, OCC, FINRA, SEC, CFTC and the CFPB.

Reggie Middleton has advised tens of thousands of investors, traders, hedge funds, family offices and global banks. Mr. Middleton publicly predicted the fall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, GGP (2nd largest US retail REIT), and the European sovereign debt crisis amid nearly 100 successful macro investment calls. Reggie’s firm has been the first to settle a peer-to-peer blockchain swap, the first to apply for patent protection for the capital markets application of the technology in every major financial jurisdiction, and has heralded the merits of blockchain-based assets since 2013. He has been featured on The Keiser Report, Boom Bust, Bloomberg, BBC and CNBC on a regular basis.

CLAUDE ARNELL MILHOUSE, Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur
Claude Arnell Milhouse Passionate about innovative at scale and disruptive computer science based entrepreneurship and education. In 2015, Founder of IntraCity Geeks (an innovative K-12 STEM education non-profit). CEO and co-founder of the CareerDevs Computer Science University.

We are disrupting how adolescents and adults learn computer science and entrepreneurship and find gainful 21st-century skills-based employment. CareerDevs DNA is rooted in critical, computational and algorithmic thinking. Self-learning, innovative problem solving and intellectual rigor are hallmarks of our culture. Our 12-month computer science education program supersedes the results coming out of many four year universities. We are proud of our relationship with the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown Univ. and our relationship with Harvard Univ. CS50x. Our students are bold, instant impact software developers and engineers.

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