CCRA PowerSolutions New York City

CCRA PowerSolutions

Date: Jun 12th

Explore. Connect.
Grow Your Travel Business.
PowerSolutions is all new for 2019 - and coming to New York City on June 12th at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Join us for the travel industry's most sought after travel agency event, where you can spend the day (or evening) with the best business experts, travel suppliers and your fellow New York-area travel agents ready to inspire you, grow your skills and send you back to work recharged and ready to take your agency farther than ever before!

Here's What's New:

Expanded Agenda
We begin the event at 12:00 PM to bring you even more educational content and more chances to connect with the experts we'll be bringing along with us.

Can't get out of work? That's okay! We know you're busy, registration will be open all day. Trade show doors don't open until 6:50 PM!

Platinum Agency Roundtable Sessions
We've got 20 expert-driven roundtable sessions designed for professional agents who want to talk shop with the best - you'll learn about exclusive new offerings, ways you can grow your commission earnings and establish the kinds of supplier connections you need to grow your business.

Power Packed Educational Series
We're going beyond Facebook, social media and website training this year. Now we want to get into the nitty-gritty of exactly the kinds of marketing and sales tactics you should be using to increase sales and leave your clients absolutely wowed with the level of service and support you're able to provide. Beyond hypotheticals, we'll show you real work cases where these kinds of approaches have made the difference and won new business.

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