Close The Concentration Camps

Ellen Flores

Date: Jul 12th

WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY IN OUR NATION; the US government has been violating 'Flores Settlement' laws as well as international human rights laws daily against thousands of children and families.

July 12th is being called for as a national day of action to close the migrant/ refugee camps created along the US-Mexico border and US interior. Actions are being organized by a coalition of migrant and refugee rights groups in cities across the country.

We are calling on all who are opposed to the repression of migrants and refugees, the existence of concentration camps, and the dehumanization of Latin American people, to organize or join a local action.

In NEW YORK CITY the time for action is this Friday July 12th, 2019. Join us in front of the New York Supreme Court at Foley Square from 5pm to 8pm. Bring friends, family, and signs are optional but encouraged, for this peaceful protest.

Children have been dying, sexually abused, starved, and deprived of education,

the time to make your voice count is NOW

#LetThemAllin #CloseTheCamps #AbolishICE #ImmigrationRights #Protest #Cause #BeAVoiceForTheVoiceless

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