Intro to Social Entrepreneurship

Be Social Change

Date: Apr 27th

Join this workshop to learn the latest in social impact - and how to organize and establish your world-changing ideas.
About this Event
Social entrepreneurship is a new lens we can view the world of businesses and nonprofits through that leverages entrepreneurial principles towards solving social and environmental problems.

In this workshop, Marcos Salazar, CEO of Be Social Change, will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem as well as share a startup framework for validating and launching a successful social enterprise, nonprofit, or hybrid organization.

This workshop will define and clarify what social entrepreneurship is, show you the key building blocks for building a successful startup, review different legal entities and business models (Nonprofit, B Corp, social enterprises), as well as discuss key strategies for building a social venture that maximizes impact.

Build skills in:
Social Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits, B Corps, Social Enterprises, Social Impact, Solving Environmental and Social Problems, Lean Startup, Rapid Prototyping, Maximizing Impact

This workshop is for you if you’re:
Wanting to learn the latest information about social entrepreneurship and creating change.
Interested in pursuing a project or starting an organization and want to learn how other change-makers have brought their ideas to life.
Wanting to join the entrepreneurship community.
Envisioning ways of maximizing your impact by getting involved in the social impact space.

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