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OrangeU Going was founded to bridge the communication gap between New Yorkers who want to get involved and the organizations and community leaders trying to engage them. Before OrangeU Going, New Yorkers struggled to find ways to connect with and shape their communities. Being an engaged New Yorker meant lots of research, time, and an inbox jammed with hundreds of newsletters. New Yorkers wanted to get involved, but were overwhelmed before they took the first step.

Research points to lack of accessibility as the primary barrier to civic engagement - New Yorkers simply didn't know where to easily find engaging, action-oriented civic events. New York State was ranked nearly dead last in the nation for civic engagement and volunteering in 2015, and voter turnout in New York City has been reported to be as low at eight percent. We needed a new approach to address the problem.

OrangeU Going makes it easy for New Yorkers, organizations, and elected officials to connect and affect change. The platform is uniquely built to foster civic engagement. We exclusively feature the civic, community and political events of thousands of New York City organizations all on one site.  Our custom search filter helps you find events you're interested in by issue area, event type, location, price, legislative district, and more.

OrangeU Going Founder Samantha Diliberti built her career in and around government, having worked for Governor Cuomo, Senator Gillibrand, City & State Magazine, New York Nonprofit Media, and a government relations firm. After years of answering the most frequently asked question posed by New Yorkers, "How can I get involved?", Samantha finally found a way to simplify her answer - "Check out"

OrangeU Going - New York's civic engagement platform where New Yorkers connect to affect change. 


OrangeU Going connects New Yorkers, organizations, and electeds by listing civic, community, and political events all on one site. Events we love to list include rallies, hearings, conferences, fundraisers, roundtables, community events, political events, forums and more.

Why list your event with OrangeU?

  • Specialization: We're New York's only event hub for influencers, professionals, and engaged New Yorkers in government, nonprofit, business, media, and labor.
  • Reliability: Each event submission is reviewed and posted to the OrangeU Going calendar within 24 hours. We're always here to help you - just email
  • We're FREE!: Our clients receive exceptional service. When you post with OrangeU, your event is listed on the premier calendar for engaged New Yorkers and promoted on Twitter at @OrangeUGoing. Unlike other miscellaneous event listing platforms, we offer one event listings with no time limits; that means your event posting stays live and active from the time it is posted through the event date.


OrangeU Going is dedicated to providing a quality service that is tailored to your needs. Some OrangeU Going features include:

  • OrangeU Going Calendar: Featuring curated events in New York government, nonprofit, business, media, and labor.
  • Custom Search Filters: Find events by date, event type, industry, location, price, legislative district, and more.
  • Add-to-Calendar: Add events you care about to your calendar with the click of a button.
  • Post Events: Easily post your events to get on the calendars of engaged New Yorkers.
  • Feature Events: Get your event noticed when you select one of our event feature options.
  • Custom Dashboard: Easily update your event details, such as new speakers or time changes, and view all your invoices in one place for easy tracking.
  • Personal Profile: Customize your event preferences and share information about yourself to receive hyper-targeted event updates, discounts and more.
  • Today's Birthdays: Keep in touch by sending them a birthday note. OrangeU Going lists the birthdays of Influencers each day. Submit a birthday to be featured under the Calendar tab.

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What’s Inside

  • OrangeU Calendar
  • Custom Search Filters
  • Add-to-Calendar
  • Customized Event Email Updates
  • Today’s Birthdays
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Personal Profile
  • Post Events
  • Feature Events
  • Pending Posts
We Only List Events You Care About.
We Only List Events You Care About.

We review every event submission and only list events relevant to government, nonprofit, business, and labor to ensure it will be of interest to you.

You Can Easily Find What You Need.
You Can Easily Find What You Need.

With our custom search functionalities, you can search for events by legislative district, issue focus, event type, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We Save You Time.
We Save You Time.

Your time is money. That's why we compile curated events you need to know about all on one site. One hub. All the events.