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At OrangeU Going?, we believe that each person has the unique ability to improve the world. But no one can succeed alone. Each of us needs a team of people to help us make our marks. The people we surround ourselves with - our networks - are our foundation. To truly succeed, we each need a network of diverse and passionate people whom we can ask for advice, feedback, and above all - connect with. 

OrangeU Going?  is dedicated to helping professional New Yorkers connect, build, and thrive together. Our platform exclusively features professional events throughout the five boroughs - ensuring ambitious New Yorkers never miss an important event where they may meet their next great connection. Our platform is designed to make the lives of busy professionals easier; quickly filter events by interest area, location or price; add events to your calendar with the click of a button; share events with your network via email or social media right from the website. Our newest feature enables you to customize your experience by selecting your event preferences to receive event notifications you care about right to your inbox - for free.

We are a community. It is now easier than ever to reach passionate, professional New Yorkers - whether you're hosting an event or attending one. Everyone has something to offer, so get out there and meet the people who make New York the greatest city in the world. 

Build your network. Change your life. 


  • Personalized Event Notifications: Select your event preferences when you Sign Up with OrangeU Going? and receive personalized event notifications right to your inbox - for free.
  • Post Events: Get your events on the calendars of ambitious professional New Yorkers. Easily post your events by creating a free account. Want some extra attention? Select one of our feature event options to make your event stand out. You can manage and update your events through your Custom Dashboard.
  • Curated Calendar: Find exactly what you're looking for by using our custom search filter which lets you find events by date, category, location, price, and more. Add events you care about to your calendar with the click of a button and share events with your network right from our website. 

Get Personalized Event Notifications

Receive free, personalized event notifications right to your inbox and never miss another important event. Simply select your preferences and let the events come to you.

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What’s Inside

  • OrangeU Calendar
  • Custom Search Filters
  • Add-to-Calendar
  • Customized Event Email Updates
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Personal Profile
  • Post Events
  • Feature Events
We Only List Events You Care About.
We Only List Events You Care About.

We review every event submission and only list events relevant to government, nonprofit, business, and labor to ensure it will be of interest to you.

You Can Easily Find What You Need.
You Can Easily Find What You Need.

With our custom search functionalities, you can search for events by legislative district, issue focus, event type, and more to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We Save You Time.
We Save You Time.

Your time is money. That's why we compile curated events you need to know about all on one site. One hub. All the events.