Virtual Social

The Joy List

Date: Mar 23rd

The Joy List Social is back, and this time we're going VIRTUAL!

Anyone anywhere can join us online to find a moment of honest, meaningful connection amidst their hectic lives. If you're looking to meet new people or make new friends, especially at a time of social distancing, you're not alone. Expect warm people, open conversations, inspiration, and a healthy dose of hopefulness.

In this edition, you will participate in:
- Grounding ritual from your beloved ritual director, Ezra Bookman
- Vulnerable storytelling from Jillian, our founder
- Partner and small group sharing to process what's going on in your life right now
- Closing ritual and games to bring some joy into your evening

To top things off, we will be re-opening The Joy List Facebook group once the event is over. We encourage people to use the group as a space to continue conversations, ask for help, and connect.

How will payment work?

Many people's financial lives have turned upside down. If that's you, choose the 'free' ticket and show up. We're here to care for you in community! If you still have stable income, we would deeply appreciate it if you choose the donation ticket.

Suggested donation is $10-$20

Is this for anyone, or just New Yorkers?

While our audience is based in NYC, this event is for anyone who wants to feel more connected. Welcome to The Joy List Social, the rest of the world!

Some technical notes:

1. You will receive the Zoom link when you RSVP
2. Please log onto Zoom 10 minutes early to test your camera and microphone.
3. ***If you RSVP, please do your best to attend the event. Otherwise you are taking a spot from someone who would like to be there.***

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When: March 23rd

Time: 07:00 pm

End Time: 08:30 pm

Price Range: Under $50

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