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As New Yorkers, we love our city. We are fiercely loyal to it - from the skyscrapers in the sky to the subways underground and all the bagels, street performers and fashion in between. We’re the most opinionated Americans who always have something to say, whether we’re speaking with a Brooklyn accent or in a foreign language. So why are we - the residents of the city dubbed the greatest in the world - ranking nearly dead last in 49th place among the 50 states and Washington, D.C. for civic engagement and volunteering? Why are 79% of us - some of the most passionate, aspirational people in the nation - not even bothering to cast our votes?

It's time for change.

OrangeU Going is the tool that makes it easy to be an informed, engaged New Yorker. The Hour New York Challenge challenges you to take action and get involved for just 1 hour each month throughout 2022. By committing to get involved in ways that matter to you for just 12 hours of the 8,760 hours in your year, you can learn about issues that impact your life, connect with like-minded New Yorkers, help shape the city you love, and make your voice heard.

Be part of the movement to engage New York, one person, one hour, one year at a time.

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