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Find civic events throughout New York all in one place - on We make it easy to find change-making events hosted by nonprofits, elected officials, government agengies, businesses, associations, campaigns, and more. Visit our events page and create your free profile to receive events that interest you right to your inbox. Never miss an important event. 


On our podcast Progress Through Purpose, we breakdown complex issues and share how you can make your impact. From the environment, to homelessness, to food security, and more, learn from leading experts about how they are working to effect systemic change and what you can do to help.


By dedicating just 1 hour per month to civic engagement, we can change the world. If just one-fourth of registered New York City voters got civically engaged for 1 hour/month, we would collectively offer 1,883 years worth of support to important issues in just one year. There is power in an hour. Join the Hour New York Challenge.


Through civic engagement you can find your purpose, feel fulfillment, and foster your success. Civic engagement not only helps others - it helps you. Learn about issues and causes, grow and develop personally, expand your network professionally, and feel more connected by meeting fellow socially conscious people like yourself. 

The Hour New York Challenge challenges you to take action and get involved for just 1 hour each month throughout 2024. By committing to get involved in ways that matter to you for just 12 hours of the 8,760 hours in your year, you can learn about issues that impact your life, connect with like-minded New Yorkers, help shape the city you love, and make your voice heard.

Be part of the movement to engage New York, one person, one hour, one year at a time.

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