Resilience #4 (what we practice for) Self Study Edition

Choose Love Now

Date: Mar 28th

If you are social isolating, know that we are here with you. Deeper wellness in our society means realizing we are all connected.
About this Event
What lies ahead is uncertain. All I know is, it will be better together.

We have been on the mat, in the workshop, sitting, dancing… practicing for THIS: a time of stress, fear, and the unknown.

Resilience is what we have been practicing for.

If you are social isolating, know that we are here with you.

You're at home. I’m at home. Let’s get together online.

Missing classes, workouts, yoga, and mostly missing each other.

We are building a stronger community, with the technology that we have to connect.

Remember we are social creatures and need to be with people.

Remember all the tools you have to process.

Remember that we are all connected.

Join 5 different facilitators for a unique online experience

Karla Rasmusson, (host) founder of Choose Love Now and Parade for Love in NYC

Sri Thayi(self study activity)

Trinity Schmit (marry yourself)

Barbara Ann (virtual handshake)

Gene Seidman (image creation)

Iva Aya (journaling and reflection)

What will this be like?

Each facilitator will lead us through a 15 min practice. We will have break out groups for small group chats online. There will be practices from all different modalities. Expect dancing, meditation, journaling, reflection, singing, stories, and more!

This is the first event series of its kind: like a social experiment of healers and facilitators… who have never co-facilitated before… fitting their work into an online format… who came together within the last week to share their work with you…

It’s starting to sound like a reality show.

Humor is a coping mechanism.

We are taking coronavirus and the expanding faults of our healthcare and economic system seriously.

We came together quickly because we care, and we want to remind you of your own inner authority to stay calm and centered. Not only for yourself but for everyone around you, co-workers, family, neighbors, and anyone you know who may be immune compromised or at risk. We will get through this together, this is an event for your support.

We are empowering you to support these facilitators who are here to support you. This one time event is open to anyone, with a suggested price on a sliding scale. If you need help with this scale, think of what you normally spend on a wellness workshop.

Ticket sales will be an even split between facilitators and 30% to Feeding America.

Suggested Price $25 - $40

All are welcome

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please email for link to join for free!

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