Rally Against Hong Kong's National Security Law

Lausan 流傘

Date: Jul 01st

Meet outside Pier 81 (12th Av & W 41st St) at 12:30PM. Wear black, masks & sunglasses (extra change of clothes suggested). Also bring umbrellas in case of inclement weather!
12:30PM Pier 81 (12th Av & W 41st St) 外集合。請戴口罩、穿黑衣、太陽鏡(建議另帶衣服替換),和自備雨傘以防惡劣天氣。
With the imminent arrival of the draconian National Security Law, Hong Kong’s struggle for freedom and self-determination has entered a new phase. The law will allow security agencies from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to subject anyone in Hong Kong suspected of vaguely defined seditious or separatist activity to indefinite detention in black sites and prosecution without due process. This not only spells the end of “One Country, Two Systems”, but also emboldens oppressive regimes everywhere.


The language of “national security” and “anti-terrorism” is used by states worldwide to justify political repression, mass surveillance, and violent policing. This includes the US’s endless War on Terror; the American militarization of law enforcement; the Philippines’ War on Drugs, martial law and its soon-to-be passed “Anti-Terrorism Bill”; Israel’s annexation and ongoing settler colonization of the West Bank; India’s continued crackdown on Kashmir; and the PRC’s open borrowing and improvement of American technologies as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing and cultural erasure of Muslim and Indigenous communities in the name of a “People’s War on Terror” against “Islamic extremism.”

近年,各地的國家機器都以「國家安全」和「反恐」為由實施政治打壓、全面監控,及容讓警察濫暴。這包括美國無止境的「反恐戰爭」及執法部門軍事化;菲律賓近年的「反毒戰爭」、戒嚴統治,和即將通過的「反恐法案」;以色列對屬於巴勒斯坦人民的約旦河西岸(West Bank)進行定居殖民(settler-colonialism)及吞併;印度持續對克什米爾(Kashmir)的鎮壓;以及中國公然地借鑑和改良美國反恐技術,將其應用於假借打擊「伊斯蘭極端主義」為名的「反恐人民戰爭」,針對穆斯林及原著民社群實施種族清洗及文化滅絕。

The National Security Law, now unilaterally imposed by the PRC, ostensibly targeting “acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces,” is the latest iteration of this transnational project of “national security.” States everywhere share and deploy “terror” and “security” to suppress anti-establishment struggle. We call upon our allies to stand in solidarity with us as we rally outside the PRC Consulate in protest of the National Security Law, and begin to work together to build an international movement that can stand up to the globalization of state violence.

Participating speakers and organizations to be confirmed.

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