Animal Rebellion NYC and Extinction Rebellion NYC

Date: Sep 17th

COVID-19 lept from wild animals to humans in a live animal market. As this plague ravages the globe, there are already known viruses with pandemic potential spreading in factory farms.
To prevent the next pandemic, stop the climate crisis, and avert mass extinction, we must start telling the truth about the impact of animal agriculture and ecocide in these global catastrophes that harm all of us — human and non-human alike.
Join Animal Rebellion NYC for a nonviolent direct action linking animal justice, climate justice and racial justice to the public health crisis that the government has terribly mismanaged.
On Thursday 9/7 at 4pm, meet at Foley Square at 4pm to gather and march. Wear a facemask or hazmat suit.

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Where: Foley Square NEw York NY 10006

When: September 17th

Time: 04:00 pm

Price Range: Free

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