Rally at the NY Fed for a People's Bailout

Alliance For Just Money and Harrison Tesoura Schultz

Date: Sep 17th

This coming September 17 marks the nine-year anniversary of the beginning of a people's movement to Occupy and shut down Wall Street for a People's Bailout. Join us at Louise Nevelson Plaza, right behind the Federal Reserve Building to commemorate the Occuversary and to learn how we can still accomplish the movement's original mission. Harrison "Tesoura" Schultz PhD, an original OWS organizer turned monetary historian with the Alliance For Just Money will host a Q&A on funding housing, medical, student and predatory debt jubilees as well as universal housing, healthcare, education, basic income and a job guarantee creating a green new national energy and transportation infrastructure for the 99% by nationalizing the Fed with the National Emergency Employment Defense Act. We will also specifically discuss the history of the Fed as it pertains to the history of racial exploitation and violence against Black communities in the United States. Some free pizza will be served first come, first served. The Alliance For Just Money is committed to promoting a strictly peaceful, harmonious, educational, non-confrontational, lawful assembly and online discussion. This event will be hosted by Harrison Tesoura Schultz, PhD, member of the Alliance for Just Money. The Alliance is proud to promote this event through its social media platforms, but takes no responsibility regarding the actual planning, management or oversight of the actual event nor for anyone's personal saftey at the event. Please demonstrate peacefully and responsibly. This rally will be livestreamed by Mark Apolloa for those who wish to show their support but cannot attend in person.

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Where: Louise Nevelson Plaza 10 Liberty Street New York NY 10005

When: September 17th

Time: 05:00 pm

End Time: 06:00 pm

Price Range: Free

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