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Date: Apr 15th

The Coronavirus Pandemic shook up New York like almost no other health crisis in recent history. City & State’s Virtual Healthy New York Summit will bring together health care decision makers and policy experts from all sectors to identify challenges and discuss solutions to improve our system. Attendees will gain new insights and perspectives on the most critical issues and priorities in New York health care during and post the pandemic.

Welcome and Introduction

Keynote Speaker Dave Chokshi, Commissioner, New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Prevention and Protection for All New Yorkers

With the change in the Federal administration, Cuomo was optimistic about the future of the pandemic although the number of illnesses and deaths continued to grow with the holiday surge, more and more people suffered from loneliness and depression, and vaccinations did not happen as quickly as expected. Through it all, many organizations showed remarkable compassion, empathy and true leadership for the safety and wellness of New Yorkers. How can companies and individuals continue to play a role in NY’s health system and what will be needed to rebuild our city? How can organizations step up support especially in terms of mental health and assisting our most vulnerable populations?

Gustavo Rivera, Chair, Senate Health Committee

Ann Marie Sullivan, MD, Commissioner, NY State Office of Mental Health

Susan Herman, Director of the Mayor's Office of ThriveNYC

Making Health Care Available and Affordable to All New Yorkers

New York has done more than any state to expand access to healthcare and make it available to everyone. As we continue to fight COVID-19, making sure every New Yorker has access to quality healthcare and mental health services has only become more critical. Several high-profile measures have been taken on the state and city levels to make sure New Yorkers are able to attain and keep health insurance. Meanwhile, debate continues over whether single-payer insurance is right for New York. What does it mean for New York to tackle these issues, and how will it impact patients, primary care providers, insurers, and the overall healthcare marketplace? Where does equity come into play here as we know health disparities have come to light?

Richard Gottfried, Chair, Assembly Health Committee

Mark Levine, Chair, New York City Council Committee on Health

Innovative Health Programs and Services in New York

New York’s health systems and services have been turned upside down in the last year with COVID 19. The health facilities became overrun and staff overwhelmed, issues with insurance emerged and various health services could barely keep up with the demand. Technology has become a bigger factor in terms of telehealth and telemedicine, electronic processing, shared data, etc. This panel will discuss forward-looking measures that are happening right now such as controlling the spread of the pandemic through tracing, as well as how New York has and will respond to future urgent health crises, best practices for data security, and so much more.

Ted Long, Executive Director of the NYC COVID-19 Test & Trace Corps

Maryanne Schretzman, Executive Director, Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence

Liz Misa, Senior Vice President, Ostroff Associates

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When: April 15th

Time: 01:00 pm

End Time: 04:10 pm

Price Range: Free