IMCR Co-Occurring Disorders Webinar

Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Date: Apr 15th

Co-Occurring Disorders (COD) is the combination of one or more mental health challenges and substance misuse/addiction. More than 10.2 million in this country alone meet the criteria for a diagnosis of COD. Prevention, early intervention, and integrated treatment can improve outcomes and save lives. Please join us for this important conversation to learn more about the relationship between substance misuse, addiction and mental health disorders.

This webinar will:

▪The signs and symptoms of co-occurring disorders

▪How to overcome the barriers to effective treatment

▪Innovative opportunities in both prevention and treatment

Participants will:

1- Gain readiness skills in creating and implementing a Co-Occurring System of Care (COSOC) team and development of co-occurring competence.

2- Be introduced to CODA (Co-Occurring Disorders Awareness) integrated prevention which improves outcomes by empowering youth and other community members with tools to raise awareness, reduce stigma, foster connections, encourage linking to appropriate resources.

3- Develop an appreciation of Encompass, evidence-based treatment model for 12-29-year-olds with co-occurring disorders rooted in Motivational Enhancement Therapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy + Contingency Management (MET/CBT plus CM).

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When: April 15th

Time: 06:00 pm

End Time: 08:00 pm

Price Range: Free