Punishment & Profit: Healthcare

WNYC The Green Space

Date: Apr 13th

A year after returning home from prison, formerly incarcerated people have a mortality rate nearly four times the national average. After overdoses, chronic health issues are the leading cause of death, due to poor treatment, neglect and a lack of afforable resources. COVID-19 has raised more acute health risks as staff carry the virus into facilities where access to testing, hygiene products, personal protective equipment, and medical supplies are limited — and social distancing virtually impossible. Join us as we examine healthcare within prisons.

Worth Rises is a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploitation of those it touches. The organization exposes the commercialization of the criminal legal system and advocates and organizes to protect and return the economic resources extracted from affected communities and strip the industry of its power. Through this work, Worth Rises is helping to clear the road toward a safe and just world free of police and prisons. Find out more at worthrises.org.

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When: April 13th

Time: 07:00 pm

End Time: 08:00 pm

Price Range: Free