NYC Redistricting Hearing & Feedback

NYC Districting Committee

Date: Aug 18th

Draw Your Own Maps
A customized New York City-version of DistrictR, an online mapping tool, allows New Yorkers to draw their own City Council Districts -- and submit their drawings to the Commission as their public testimony.

The public can submit their DistrictR maps to the Commission by simply hitting “Save” on DistrictR and then hitting “Share To Gallery.”

The public can also copy their map URL link, which appears once the “Save” button is clicked, and email the map URL link along with written testimony describing their map to the Commission at .

Testimony Submissions
To submit written testimony to the Districting Commission, please send testimony to:

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Where: Staten Island Borough Hall 10 Richmond Terrace Rm 125 Staten Island NY 10301

When: August 18th

Time: 03:30 pm

End Time: 09:00 pm

Price Range: Free

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