La Casa Malfada

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

Date: Oct 27th

In Forum Theatre, the actors present an original play chronicling an unresolved problem resulting from systemic oppression. Once the play is finished, the audience is invited to step into the play and share possible ways to attack this problem and respond to the antagonists, in what’s known as an Intervention. The actors in the play are prepared to respond to the audience member, known now as a Spect-Actor. This process of play performance and interventions is facilitated by a Joker. The goal is to engage in various problem-solving strategies that the community can use to fight back against the oppressions they face.

“Después de un largo desempleo por la pandemia Mari consigue trabajo! Pero se choca con problemas existentes antes de la pandemia.” Los actores presentarán una novela original sobre un problema real de nuestra comunidad. Una vez terminada la obra, se invita al público a entrar en ella y practicar posibles formas de responder a este problema.

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Where: The Bernie Wohl Center 647 Columbus Ave New York NY 10025

When: October 27th

Time: 06:30 pm

End Time: 08:30 pm

Price Range: Free

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