Success is a Way of Being

Though colloquial language would have you think that you can “reach” success, you cannot; you have to cultivate it every single day.

Think about it in physical terms: a body builder exercises every day to create his ideal body, he is living in a successful way each day. Success is his way of life. If he stops exercising regularly, he loses his ideal body - he has stopped living in a successful way.  

The same holds true for business executives, leaders, professionals, and every other human. Steve Jobs succeeded in creating the Macintosh computer, but he didn’t stop there, he continued on to invent the iPod and iPhone – he continued to cultivate success. A student may graduate college – hurray! they did it! – and now they want a job, and in five years they will want a better job, and hopefully they will continue on that path, forever growing and expanding.

Humans crave growth. Our goals are never stagnant and forever grow and change. That is the key to happiness – growth in all areas of our lives. And growth takes time, it requires daily attention. You cannot water a flower once and expect it to live or thrive, you must water it and tend to it regularly.

So tend to yourself regularly. Define success for you and break it down into daily goals. Cherish each day as an opportunity to grow and improve. Some days you may be tired and that’s ok. But define your goals and identify what you can do today to work towards them. If you read one page a day of a book, you will finish the book. Always keep moving forward and stick with it.

Live successfully, and you will be successful.