Welcome to OrangeU Going -  a community of people dedicated to making the world a better place while cultivating authentic connections through a shared passion for the well-being of humanity and the planet. 

OrangeU Going makes it easy for you to live a life of impact.

We empower our members to learn daily, live boldly, and make change. We help our members grow and develop personally, learn how to take action around important issues and causes, and connect with fellow socially conscious New Yorkers. 

OrangeU Going? is committed to building a better world by making it easier for good people to do good things.  We know that each person has the power to affect change and that, collectively, our people power is exponential.

OrangeU Going? makes it easy to learn, take action, and connect with like-minded New Yorkers by:
  • providing educational, insightful, and inspiring content 
  • curating change-making events on our OrangeU Going? Social Consciousness Calendar
  • connecting our members with leaders, experts, and each other
  • attending New York's change-making events together
  • hosting group volunteer opportunities

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